Privacy Policy

Our company's corporate philosophy is to "Create new value by bringing the people of the world together, and to contribute to the development of a rewarding and harmonious society by meeting the expectations of our customers". Under this philosophy, we respect the privacy of our clients, business partners and our employees, and in order to protect their personal information, together with complying with laws and other standards concerning personal information protection, our executives and all staff are all made aware of the importance of the protection of personal information. In order that our customers can purchase the travel products and services we provide with peace of mind, we will take the following measures.

  1. When using personal information, we will make clear the purposes of its use, and we will use and share it within the scope necessary to achieve such purposes, and we will also take measures to prevent its use for any other purpose.
  2. We will carry out the collection of personal information in a lawful and appropriate manner.
  3. When managing and handling personal information we will ensure that it is kept accurate and up to date, within the scope necessary to accomplish the specified purpose of use, and take other necessary and appropriate measures for the correction and prevention of the leakage, loss or damage of the personal information and other measures to ensure its safe management.
  4. We will appoint a person responsible for personal information management and place a personal information manager in each department to manage the personal information appropriately.
  5. We will comply with requests from customers for the disclosure or correction of their personal information to an appropriate extent, in accordance with our established procedures.
  6. In order to realize secure protection of personal information, we will comply with laws and other standards concerning personal information protection, industry regulations and social and other norms.
  7. We have established systems and procedures to receive and respond to inquiries and complaints regarding the personal information we hold, enabling us to respond to them quickly.
  8. We have formulated a personal information protection management system, and through periodic auditing, we carry out its ongoing review and improvement.
  • Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd.
    was certified to use the Privacy Mark by the Japan Institute for
    Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC) in May 2007.

  • Established: December 1, 2004
    Revised: April 1, 2014

    Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd.
    President: Seiji Matsuda

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